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Vice vs Virtue – enhanced rules

Today we have completed work on extending the rules of the Vice vs Virtue system for our shard.

Unlike standard rules, the following list of additional special rules will apply to our server from today:

  • Vice Vs Virtue combat will be active on all facets.
  • Entering the region of an active VvV battle will flag any VvV as combat restricted (Heat Of Battle) which will prevent recalling / gating away.
  • Silver gained during a VvV battle, while uncontested (no opposing VvV players in the region) will reduce by 50%.
  • Non VvV players who flag VvV will only remain flagged for 10 minutes (down from 30). Remember assisting or fighting VvV in any way will restart this timer.
  • If a Non VvV player flags VvV in one facet but then travels to another it will clear them of being flagged for VvV. Remember you can not travel when Heat of Battle if active.
  • Some VvV rewards have had their prices increased.
  • VvV equipment will appear as Brittle instead of Antique and will now have 75/75 durability. Fragility does not cause faster destruction of items, however, we have decided that these items should be specific replicas of items possible to obstain on champions, ect. and thus their durability should be limited. You will also not be able to use Powder od Fortification on them.
  • The player’s character will not be received shortly after joining VvV – promotion in a way – 2,000 pieces of silver for the purchase of merit awards.
  • The time interval between the next Readiness Atrophy at VvV Steeds has been extended four times.

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