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Pack of additions and patches

I would like to kindly inform you on the implementation on March 2, 2020 of the next package of modifications and corrections to encode the UO server. Below are the patchnotes for the package:

  • Cooking Extension with Ranching/Agricultiral etc scripts was implemented – link.
    In the following days we will successively activate individual modules of this system and implement its elements on the server. Please follow our Discord.
  • now, you must be within 1 steps to attempt to open the public moongate gump (long range double click no longer work);
  • Shield Bash mechanics have been adjusted – to adapt it to the rules of the game;
  • Healers now show on map to dead players;
  • Honor buff now persists through death;
  • the boat pilot crash bug was solved;
  • New veteran rewards:
    • Pig Statuette;
    • Goat Statuette;
    • Ice Fiend;
    • Enchanted Granite Cart;
    • Glass Kiln, Glassblowing, functions as a heat source when ignited;
    • Enchanted Sculpting Tool, Masonry;
  • Ethereal Soulbinder was fixed;
  • EA Publish 108 items was added : Metal Ladder, Decorative Wine Rack, Decorative Garden Sculpture, Spiral Staircase – You will soon find them in the UO Store module.
  • Enchanted Granite Cart was fixed;
  • Veteran Rewards Gump was updated.

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