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New ClassicUO version

From today, we are providing you with a new version of the ClassicUO overlay, which complements the functionality of the classic 2D UO client.
Compared to the previous version, the overlay has been enriched with the following functionalities and patches:

New World Map features
There is a new World Map implemented in ClassicUO to replace the standard Radar map along with the use of 3rd party mapping tools. To access the World Map use the button on the hotbar to open the gump.

  • Resizable
  • Zoom-able
  • Shows Party Members
  • “Free View” – drag to see other ares of the map
  • Add Markers and Labels – Currently supports UOAM and Ultima Mapper marker files, as well as CSV file(s). Marker images can be .cur, .ico, .png, or .jpg

You can toggle most of these new features by right clicking the World Map.

Adding markers to the world map.
Navigate to the /Data/Client folder and copy in the marker files (UOAM, UM, or CSV). Create a MapIcons folder, if one doesn’t already exist, and place map icon files there. Reload ClassicUO and the map should load the files.

Marker Options
When right clicking the map for the options menu, there will also be a sub-menu for Marker Options. This menu can be used to reload marker files, toggle markers/icons on and off, or to show/hide specific marker files.

Creating a CSV file for markers

The CSV format for World Map markers is quite simple. The format is

x,y,mapindex,name of marker,iconname,color,zoom level

For example:

1025,2702,0,Public Moongate,MOONGATEX,yellow,5

Would put a marker labeled Public Moongate with yellow text and a moongate image, at the location of 1025×2702 on the Felucca map. This icon will show up between zoom levels 5-9, and become a small dot on any zoom level below 5.

Other addons and patches:

  • fixed worldmap entities update;
  • fixed boat speed;
  • fixed issue at character creation for old clients;
  • fixed journal emotes having double;
  • fixed some invisible items in backpack;
  • don’t send invalid data when Target Client Side is enabled;
  • compressed/uncompressed gump packet now check for ‘\0’ character to avoid graphic artifacts;
  • fix crash while parsing verdata;
  • fix vendor buy/sell having blank names and being reversed under certain conditions;
  • fixed ushort truncation for vendor price;
  • limit 3 spell message type;
  • world map zoom save;
  • fixed critical issues with house and multis in general;
  • text alpha fading
  • fake map1 hack when client does not have map1.mul, but server asks for it;
  • better pooling;
  • fixed issue with mobile pooling;
  • removed unecessary objects allocations;
  • fixed gargoyle weapon animations;
  • fixed black holes when character is standing in a certain Z;
  • improved multi reading;
  • whips support;
  • send OPL packet same as standard client;
  • fixed issue when trying to drag items from paperdoll.

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