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Change of UO client version, update package and new version of ClassicUO overlay

We would like to kindly inform you that today the WarCry: Sosaria server has received an update package covering the following modifications, corrections and facilities:

  • adds support for new timed achievements. You will find a couple new timed achivements in the Dungeon Section;
  • fixed an issue where achievements for Tokuno Islands had the incorrect map;
  • the mechanics of all NPCs offering escorting missions have been modified – from now on they will display quest giver’s markings under the name (both game version), tag in the form of an exclamation mark above the NPC (Enhanced 3D game version) and gump quest during the interaction (both game version) – instead of just a short, disappearing message over the character;
  • increased casting time from 1.5 to 2 seconds for Chivalry spell Remove Curse;
  • fixed issue with vendor rental contracts not unliking from house when using “retrieve” context menu;
  • barkeep owners re-set on house transfer now;
  • update to books mechanics for new UO client packet;
  • Travesty now uses the proper weapon specials. Specials when in natual form have also been toned down;
  • controlled creatures no longer lose focus when attacking on kill/attack control order;
  • fixed issue where boat courses were not working properly and the tillerman was piloting the boat in the wrong direction;
  • boat course no longer works in the Corgul region;
  • Corgul Island map now indicates when the encounter will expire.

In addition, we encourage you to update your ClassicUO overlays to the Beta version – (link). Compared to the previous version, it contains the following patches:

  • fixed dragging gump issue in low end PCs;
  • various UI improvements;
  • fixed healthbar restoring hue when login with Save Heatlh bars option enabled;
  • fixed invisible equipment in paperdoll and containers;
  • updated FNA and FNA libs;
  • changed some kernel things to improve performance;
  • fixed and improved Ultima Live support;
  • fixed a memory leak issue;
  • fixed ghosting item when using organizer;
  • improved item drag & drop;
  • improved paperdoll and containers rendering.

In addition, I am informing that from 21/04/2020, required for correct game on WarCry UO version, this version is not lower than indicated by number:
UO Enhanced 3D – (or higher)
UO Classic 2D – (or higher)
The number of the currently installed version of the game is displayed on the login panel (if you use ClassicUO overlay – remember about changing the game version in the settings.json overlay file).
Using the older version of the game will prevent connection to the server (kick game client).
Therefore, if you have an older version – please immediately update the Ultima installed on your computers by using the uopatch.exe file in the game folder.

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