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Update, add-ons and patches package

Today, i.e. 16/06/2020, the server received a package of updates and encoding corrections – eliminating errors revealed in recent days and implementing the expected enrichments in the field of horse breeding mechanisms, changes in the Treasures of Khaldun System and other necessary additions.

Here are the patch notes:

  • rare spawn points for new varieties of horses have been activated in the game world (with changeable position). These horses can be crossed in order to try to get more species with different shades of color. Wild horses can also breed in nature over time, also obtaining unique colors;
  • the error of indicating an incorrect NPC guild as a requirement to purchase ranch elements has been resolved. From now on, the player’s character must be associated in the NPC League of Rangers Guild, which associates animal tamers, archers and rangers (and not the wrong guild of ranchers);
  • Khal Ankur now always gives the some number of 120 powerscrolls, if killed while the Treasures of Khaldun event is active;
  • Juka Bow now has correct requirements;
  • fixed an issue where loot would stop dropping correctly;
  • fixed an issue where certain special loot items were getting magical properties when they shouldn’t;
  • fixed a crash related to Osiredon;
  • fixed a source of latest boat crash;
  • formula adjustments to the Death Strike and White Tiger Form spells;
  • Fruit Trees now spawn and hold their fruit correctly;
  • Mantle of the Fallen can now be repaired correctly;
  • Caddellite property is now properly applied to the Treasures of Khaldun reward items;
  • Bonsai seeds now display correctly inside the seed box;
  • house deeds have been removed;
  • old house key code was removed;
  • Dread Warhorse now does its cosmetic “trick” ability.

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