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City Invasion System, an Extensive Casino, extended crop system with new cuttings and many other

Today’s update is focusing on a few extensions, originally used on the legendary first installment of our server. Two of them, enjoying great interest at that time, we decided to refresh and implement in the current world of the game.

City Invasion System

Evil is growing stronger. After the Champion invasion of Malas and the capture of Luna, which forced the combined Forces of Light to withdraw from this continent, the enemy is also increasingly bold in other regions of Sosaria.

Particularly disturbing news has come today from around Yew. One of the Dark Champions – despite the destruction of the communication gates – in an unexplained way managed to penetrate along with the unit from the Malas region and hit the Yew region. Also from around other cities there are signals about the appearance of scouts of the forces of darkness. Is this the first signal that another war awaits Sosaria?

As part of the City Invasion System on the server – at any time – you’ll be able to expect the Dark Army and its champions to hit any city. The area of ​​the city affected by the attack – loses the protection of municipal guards. The cleverness and perversity of the lords of the dark makes it impossible to predict where and when the impact may occur, although in the event of an attack, news of this will be transmitted to all players through Town Criers.

An Extensive Casino

The implemented update also implements several new attractions – as part of casinos – known at the time of MG 1.

In the world of Sosaria there will be new slot machines offering several types of games along with displayed information about the winners of the highest prizes and, additionally, a table of the best results in TurboSlots. Modified slot machines have been redesigned so that occasionally the game can also be played for special prizes (e.g. various items from the game or power scrolls).

We invite you today to Fire Casino, not excluding the location of slot machines and winner tables also from other cities soon.

Adjustments within the Head Hunters System

Due to extensive modifications to the server kernel, the Head Hunters system has been reviewed and recompiled. As a result of the work done:

  • Bounty Board will now correctly display – in the Classic version – information about players whose killing (after delivering the head of the Bounty Guardom) will be rewarded with gold;
  • the error causing the display – on the Bounty Board, in the Classic version of the game – of the incomplete description of the advert regarding the designated prize has been resolved.
  • the command to display information about the prize imposed on the player’s head has been changed to [bounty. Using this command on a selected character will display information about whether a reward has been placed on the character’s head. Deliver the player’s character head to any Bounty Guard in cities to collect the prize.

Extended crop system with new cuttings

As part of the implementation of subsequent elements of the Advanced Cooking System, a new palette of seeds has now been made available by the new NPC – Gardener in cities of our world. He will sell a number of plants – possible to grow on your flower beds.

The crops were designed so that they multiply with time. In turn, harvests obtained from crops will in the future serve you as components of a number of new products in the game – along with the activation of recipes. The system is still under development, but we invite you to explore its secrets ?

Other changes and updates:

  • the incorrectly functioning timer counting mechanism for character statistics has been corrected;
  • the code responsible for the status of Heat of Battle has been optimized;
  • Shadowguard ability has been added to reset an inactive instance;
  • the imbuing package of subsequent corrections has been implemented;
  • disclosed cases of stack overflowing in spheres causing damage;
  • the exploit was repaired, as a result of which human jewelry could be reforged;
  • the conditions for using the Stuck option were modified – by adjusting the mechanics of this option to OSI rules;
  • the exploit that allowed forging the shade sampler input response to get any shade outside of the normal selection ranges has been removed. This hotfix also affects character shade shades that are supported separately for standard shade selectors.

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