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Vampirism, lycanthropy, diseases and viruses, City Invasion System Upgrade, many of patches and new game client version

Today’s package includes both a number of updates / corrections regarding the recently implemented shard add-ons, and the implementation of another interesting system converted from the first edition of our server (2000-2003), which once brought a significant fraction of the climate into the game world undoubtedly by the darkness of history 🙂

In the game world, there will appear the likelihood of contracting diseases, with a varied impact on the character, most of which (but not all) can be cured at the new NPC – The Medic.

The chance of getting the character from one of the diseases will depend on a whole range of factors – including, for example, whether and what clothes the character wears, in what areas / in what weather conditions the character resides, whether the character is at full strength whether she was fed or suffering from hunger for a long time, etc.

After infection with any virus, a new, few gump will appear on your screens informing you of this fact along with an indication of the progress of the disease. These advances, usually not radically rapid, may even happen if your character fights infection itself, although the disease can also take a completely different direction, the consequence of which the ailments associated with it will be more and more severe for you (taking into account the impact on a number of calculated factors during the game).

However, which is a kind of icing on the cake, in addition to typical air-borne diseases, there are also rarer types on the server. He writes about cases of diseases in which the infection can occur only through, e.g. bite by the carrier. Such rare diseases will include vampirism and lycanthropy. After the Player’s character becomes infected with one of such diseases, along with the increase in the level of upset, he will be able to acquire new special predispositions – but also some negative modifiers, such as damage from nearby garlic, direct exposure of his body to light (if the character doesn’t cover the body) etc 🙂 To this will be added, for example, the positive and negative effects of lack of blood consumption in the case of vampirism.

I am aware of the fact that for many of you vampirism or lycanthropy may become a super-ordered aspect (at the first edition of the shard, many people wanted to become vampires), although you must remember that in case of such a serious illness, you can expect inconvenience at a level adequate to new, bonus opportunities (details will be left for you to discover). You must also bear in mind the fact that contact with an infected creature will not be common (carrier rarity), and if someone wants to become a vampire or a werewolf – he will have to take on a serious challenge. The location of the carriers of lycanthropy and vampirism will be subject to regular change algorithms, which in consequence will mean that the Player will never have full knowledge of where the infected character / characters are currently staying. Perhaps, by the time it accidentally hits such a being and accidentally suffers – illness-transmitting – injuries, or it is chosen by the carrier – as a figure worth becoming undead :).

To add more realism to disease mechanics – the disease system will scale the chance of replicating standard viruses in the game world (for which, for obvious reasons, we don’t include vampirism or lycanthropy) – also through items. Along with other infected characters of the players, the strength of the untreated virus will acquire a mass character, which will also mean its more frequent deposition on objects. Disregarding the disease may eventually turn into a pandemic – faster development of viruses in already infected carriers and subsequent potential victims. I will reassure you that such viruses – apart from some negative effects – will not cause death of the character.

I will add that, unlike ordinary diseases, a medic will not help you cure vampirism and lycanthropy. This option will be unique on a server scale, and characters who want to break out of the undead world will have to travel a very long and dangerous path.

The City Invasion system has been extended with the following new options:

  • server staff will now be able to determine the size of the forces attacking the city, including significantly multiplying it against current invasion forces;
  • the option to schedule an attack on cities – even for a number of days ahead – has been added;
  • a success indicator, i.e. victory progress against invading forces, has been added;
  • the level of access to invasion commands has been reduced from “Administrator” to “GameMaster”;
  • the invasion will send a message (chat window) to all logged-in players, regardless of the messages announced by Town Criers.


  • the weight of ranches parts – fences and gates – has been reduced from 50 units to 5;
  • purchase of ranch elements and equipment as part of the Advanced Cooking System will no longer require membership in the NPC Ranger Guild;
  • missing NPCs (Mage and Healer) have been added to the mobile camp in the central part of Ilshenar;
  • enchanted hot item sockets crash was fixed;
  • fixed issue where SOS chests were not being flipped properly with the interior decorator;
  • increased ecru citrine ring chance for the enhance potions;
  • ecru citrine rings no longer get random mods, but will get str bonus if the Enhance Pots roll fails, per EA;
  • slightly increased chances to fish up rare and legendary fish;
  • fixed issue where zombie fish was fished up almost eveyr time in Gravewater Lake;
  • base creatures aggressed by controlled creatures will not have the creatures master added to aggressor list. This prevents young players from using summons/pets to kill monsters and not being attacked back;
  • added new loot drops to HS bosses;
  • weapon attributes will now be properly counted on base clothing items;
  • fixed damage from Spell Plague;
  • Hiryu hit points are now properly scaled when tamed;
  • adjusted placement of niter;
  • added captured essence to Exodus Steal Table;
  • fixed display cliloc for treasure maps;
  • fixed Shield Bash;
  • fixes a potentialy crash from Mysterious Fragments.

In addition, I am informing that from 12/07/2020, required for correct game on WarCry UO version, this version is not lower than indicated by number:
UO Enhanced 3D – (or higher)
UO Classic 2D – (or higher)
If you have an older version – please immediately update the Ultima installed on your computers by using the uopatch.exe file in the game folder.
The number of the currently installed version of the game is displayed on the login panel (if you use ClassicUO overlay – remember about changing the game version in the settings.json overlay file – edit “clienversion” line after game update).
Using the older version of the game will prevent connection to the server (kick game client).

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