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Vault System and many other changes

Along with today, we have implemented the Vaults Mechanism on our server. The Vault provides joint storage of 125 items vailable to all characters from a given account on the server.

To own a Vault, you must first obtain the Vault Token through our in-game UO Store module.

Vault Token

After obtaining the token, the player must visit the Vault Manager located in selected location (Britain Vault Center, Delucia Bank, Papua Bank, New Magincia Bank, New Haven Bank, Buccaners Den Bank, Minoc Bank, Moonglow Bank, Trinsic North Bank, Yew Bank, Wind Bank or Royal City Bank) and next, use your token to rent the Vault. Only one Vault can be rented at each Vault Manager location (which means that you can have e.g. one in Britain, another in Trinsic, a third in New Magincia etc.).

Britain Vault Center

Each token gives characters from a given account access to the Vault for thirty days. The player must remember to take possession of another token within 30 days to avoid losing items in the Vault. Vaults can have a “prepaid” balance of up to three tokens simultaneously.

Lack of token to use in the Vault will cause the player’s Vault to be suspended, which will cause the player to receive a message in the game saying, “Rent is past due for your Vault and your items will be lost after 168 hours unless you claim your Vault from the Vault Manager. ” During this period, the player has several options:

  • can keep the Vault using another token;
  • can claim all items from the Vault if it has enough free space in the backpack;
  • may ignore this information which in the absence of any other reaction will result in the loss of the Vault along with its contents.

What happens to your items if you do not pay the rent and do not claim the vault contents? All unclaimed defaulted vaults will be auctioned off in the Britain Vaults Center. Each auction lasts 8 hours. Auctions will begin when safes are available. Upon winning, auction players will have 3 days to collect their prize. You may view the contents of the vaults using the context menu.

If the winner attempts to claim their prize but cannot currently hold the vault due to item count or weight then the following will occur. First, a temporary storage is created which will be deleted after 3 hours of in-game time and the item is placed in this storage. Items in this temporary storage will attempt to place themselves individually into the winner’s backpack over this time period. Also any commodity item will auto convert into a commodity deed. So the winner will have 3 hours of in-game time to make room in their backpack in order to receive their auction prize.

ATTENTION ! The number of Vaults in each bank will be limited 🙂

Other changes/fixes:

  • the divine hand of Key enriched the interiors of all the banks in the cities of Sosaria;
  • the cause of incorrect modification of the sunlight scale changes in the evening and in the morning was removed;
  • vault token was added to UO Store;
  • added 10 vaults to each bank covered by the Vault system;
  • a separate Vault Center has been created in Britania (SW from East Brit Bank) where you can also find Abandoned Vault Auction Safes;
  • mechanics of special sun damage dealt to uncovered vampires has been corrected;
  • new aquariums was implemented;
  • all missing OSI recipes have been added;
  • fixed an exploit with mail boxes;
  • fixes an exploit that allowed EC, ClassicUO, Orion, Etc, clients to auto arm / drink potions / rearm with no delay.
  • Auction Safes now work correctly in regards to bid / match bid;
  • oprimalisation and cleanup of next part of server code.
  • fixed issue where dying vendor hair wasn’t working;
  • SOS chests should no longer delete if player is overfull;
  • fixed gump on Shipwreck book;
  • fixed spell Damage Focus skills per EA;
  • animate dead creatures now degenerate hits properly;
  • Orchard Apples can now be eaten by pets (that eat apples);
  • added action delay per each item for EC equip macro – per EA;
  • the revealed problems with the Shadowguard mechanics have been fixed;
  • Players can now use detect hidden (not passive) on blues in Feluccia;
  • consolidated Item Socket expire timers in one static timer;
  • mastery spells will now bypass mana check to expire;
  • fixed issue where Shadowguard Apple was hanging up encounter after server restart;
  • fixed issue where creatures weren’t regenerating stats if they were below 100.

In addition, we have added to the list of prizes as part of the Donation System today:

  • Bag of Sending (blessed);
  • Ball of Pet Summoning (blessed);
  • Powder of Translocation;
  • Powder of Temperament.

These items will no longer be obtainable in the Solen Hive location (the first three) and as part of BOD Rewards (PoT).

In the Donation System, Bag of Sending and Ball of Pet Summoning were enriched with blessed status. Withdrawn from BOD Powder of Temperament, it was replaced with a reward available so far only in the UOStore (Forged Metal Of Artifacts – 5 uses).

The change is dictated by the need to make the Donation System more attractive, which is a tribute to the people supporting our project, after significantly increasing the chance of receiving high-level power scrolls from the Champion Spawn System, implementing the Invasion System (where you can also obtain power scrolls) and implementing faster learning by your characters of the ability in the game.

I would add that the Power Scrolls and character training options were previously the most popular among the Donators, and the facilities mentioned in the previous paragraph have changed this trend.

The decision made is also related to the change of our server strategy, in which we want to focus, among others on the pursuit of further modifications that accelerate the training of players’ characters and their faster inclusion in the advanced gameplay.

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