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Destard revamp and other fixes

Today, we implemented a revamped spawn mechanism for creatures in the Destard Dungeons on our server.

The previous settlement of this dungeon has been modified based on the current mechanics of the official rules of the game. It also means changes in the allocation of some treasures, changes in some of the inhabitants of this dungeon, as well as their number and location.

The dungeon, however, still remains one of the dungeons compressed within the Virtue System, which means it is connected to some of the other dungeons in the world.

Other implemented modifications:

  • consolidated various timers into one static timer: Player Vendor, Rented Vendor, Fountain Of Life, Hireables and some others
  • fixed a few timer memory leaks;
  • Clockwork Leggings can now be imbued;
  • fixed Phylactery hue;
  • a correction has been implemented to eliminate animation problems for vampire / werewolf characters when using transformation spells;
  • the forcing of the use of werewolf claws was temporarily disabled after the player transformed from human to wolf form (special fix is being worked on).

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