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Extension of the MMOGspot architecture and WarCry servers

It is with real joy that I share with you information about the next, important step in the extension of our project.

With the current weekend, our entire network and all servers run by our staff will be transferred to much stronger, dedicated servers based on the Epyc architecture. This means an almost 5-fold increase in the computing power of servers supporting our network and an additional 3-fold increase in their operational memory.

At the moment we have finished work on the transfer and configuration of the World of Warcraft Legion (WarCry: Azeroth) servers and the Black Desert Online (WarCry: Magoria) test server.

The Ultima Online production server (WarCry: Sosaria) will be moved to the new architecture tomorrow. However, we have already completed the transfer and configuration of the UO test server. Transferring the production server will involve changing the IP address of this server to (remember to update addresses in your game clients).

The Legends of Aria server (WarCry: Aria) will be made available – again – on the new architecture, next week.

Due to the fact that connections to servers other than UO are based on DNS addresses (and not IP), connection to these worlds (BDO / LOA / WOW) will not require any changes on your side.

Thank you – once again – for being with us and we wish you unforgettable moments in the WarCry worlds we create together.

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