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Season 6: Toil and Trouble

Greetings Celadorians, 

Season 6: Toil and Trouble arrives! This upcoming season will take place in the West Valusia region of Southern Rim and will feature haunted cauldrons that players must investigate. In addition, we’re excited to announce that this season will run for 60 days.

New Dynamic Encounters

With the arrival of autumn New Celador is seeing the emergence of a secretive coven of witches toiling away in West Valusia.  Should adventures stumble upon any unattended cauldrons they are encouraged to investigate them.  However, be wary for their owners do not take lightly to meddlers and are sure to be quite hostile to anyone snooping around.

Spooky Cauldrons

Interacting with a cauldron has a chance to cause:

  • One of two (Covener and Coveness) witches to spawn.
  • A unique potion to be placed in your backpack:
    • Unstable Concoction
      • Target a location to throw the potion and cause 50 damage to all enemies in a 3 yard radius.
    • Coven Treats
      • Target a location to throw the potion and cause treats to appear in a 3 yard radius. (Beware, treats can be picked up by anyone.)

In addition, during the season, you can perform various other tasks (orders), resulting in receiving tokens exchangeable for special rewards.

This Season’s Chaos Zone will be located in The Brooks.

New Monthly Rewards

This Season’s reward will feature two skeletal horse mounts, each featuring a distinctive smoky glow to their eyes and hooves. Enjoy the spirit of the season by riding down your foes atop a truly horrifying steed.

For the PVE reward, players can earn the Ivory Skeletal Steed.

For the PVP reward, players can earn the Ebony Skeletal Steed.

What Are Seasons

New to Legends of Aria? Seasons deliver fresh monthly content and rewards that can be accessed by opening the sundial icon  on the menu bar. By completing PVE and PVP challenges, you can earn up to three tiers of PVE and PVP rewards with each new monthly Season. 

Overall, Seasons are designed to reward players for participating in all aspects of the game regardless of their chosen play style. It also allows our team to test new game mechanics and provide consistent content to our players. We’re excited to continue sharing these new experiences every month, and hope you enjoy Season 6.

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