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A handful of news about the UO T2A/Renaissance server


in recent days we shared with you nice news about the preparation of the second server of Ultima Online in the T2A (Second Age) and Renaissance convention. These eras, known as Er Origin, were the golden age of the game and the time when it enjoyed the greatest popularity. Subsequent changes and extensions implemented by the developers have never achieved such spectacular recognition as the classic Ultima with the first two – the mentioned additions. Therefore, at the urging of UO fans gathered around our website, we decided to create a separate server that will refer to the period and rules that many of us remain in a positive memory, forever shaping the passion for MMORPG games.

The server we are working on – called Britannia – referring to the classic rules of Ultima and the idea of ​​increasing cooperation between the inhabitants of the world, will not focus only on what Origin players have offered, but will also include a number of additional solutions that players of official servers could only dream of. Solutions that I trust you will like. More information about them can be found in the “Welcome” I have prepared – posted at this link.

Currently, the preparation of our new classic UO server is at a very advanced stage. The world has been almost completely inhabited and the vast majority of proprietary solutions have been implemented. We are currently focusing on patching the latest disclosed bugs, successively decorating the game area and preparing new descriptive materials for our website.

We estimate that the start of our new world may take place shortly after the upcoming Christmas – and before the end of this year.

So keep your fingers crossed and tell your companions from the golden age of Ultima the happy news that they have nowhere to return.

See you soon!

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