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Britannia – the Ultima Online T2A/Renaissance era server – will be born today at 20:00 CET!


With the new year, we are opening the gates of a new world of Ultima Online – the Britannia Server based on Second Age / Renaissance expansions. The server will start today – January 1, 2021 at 20:00 CET.

For the last month – almost every day – we have devoted our commitment to make what many of us dreamed of – a server referring to the golden age of Ultima – the so-called Origin era – has become a reality. Today, with undisguised satisfaction, I can say that everything we planned has been completed with a huge interest, which you can read here. In the coming weeks, we will be gradually introducing you to how much we have expanded the level of the game without destroying the unique atmosphere of the first Ultima Online expansions. MMORPG game, which, in the opinion of many gamepress publishers, are still an unsurpassed model of multiplayer online gameplay.

In this place, I would like to thank all those people thanks to whose passion and commitment our goal was achieved. In particular, thank you – listing alphabetically – AXR, Nahimic, Pirat and Shiryu for everything they did to make our new world born today – in the New Year!

I would also like to thank all members of our community who kept their fingers crossed for us, encouraged us and motivated us with a good word to spend the next night. You are all great, this server wouldn’t exist without your support. Thank you very much for them.

At the stage of work on Britannia, we used the experience gained from working on our current server based on the Endless Journey expansion – Sosaria. At this point, I would like to emphasize that Sosaria provided us with the foundations for the creation of the world of Britannia, the necessary knowledge and the ability to analyze the mechanics of the T2A and Renaissance era in the context of the possibility of cooperation with many new solutions and the possibility of cooperation of the Origin era world with the latest versions of the game client. Thanks to Sosaria, we were able to smoothly implement all proprietary content extensions into the new world of Britannia, while improving many of them and elements that appeared in the game in later eras, but perfectly complemented the T2A / Renaissance era (e.g. elements of the High Seas expansion that revives the seas) . At this point, I also deny your concerns that the start of a new server is not synonymous with the closure of Sosaria. We have no such plans.

However, we have very ambitious goals to implement many solutions to the world of Britannia in the coming months, which will further enliven the game world without disturbing the basic assumptions of the mechanics of the applied Era. In particular, we plan to include a number of ideas into the game world to revive some of the characters’ abilities or to increase the depth of individual areas of the game world. Because in the world of T2A / UOR, there are galleons, pirates and merchants floating at sea, quests known from subsequent additions (with modified assumptions), new buildings, young players zone, additional active dungeons on the Felucca continent, such as, for example, Sanctuary, Painting Caves, Palace of Paroxysmus or Prism of Light or, for example, a new, much more friendly (clickless) way of displaying the parameters of items known from the times of ML +, is just the beginning of our path.

We believe that you will want to cross the threshold of the gate leading to the wonderful world of Britannia with us. For me personally, working on Britannia was a time of fond memories going back to the days when I was still playing on Catskills and Siege Perilous servers while on the modem, being 20 years younger. I trust that the world given today – at your disposal – will also be a place for you that evokes good memories, but also a place for making new friendships and good interactions. And if this really happens, please invite your friends here 🙂

I wish you all many nice days and late nights spent in Britannia. I know that we did not create a fully flawless and error-free server – we had relatively little time for it. But I also know that thanks to you, thanks to our wonderful Community, we will be able to gradually remove all the shortcomings and shape our world in a way that brings unforgettable moments to everyone, full of positive emotions.

I cordially invite all of you to Britania. At. At 19:55 on our website, in the tab dedicated to Ultima Online, we will publish a new subpage detailing how to log into the server.

See you soon then!

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