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Changes to the world of Sosaria and an update pack for Britannia.


in recent days, on our communication channels, we spent a lot of time discussing the content offered by the latest UO Endless Journey expansion in relation to the T2A and Renaissance add-ons.

Different views clashed in the discussion, the vast majority of which argued about a much larger scale of possible areas of action for players on Sosaria in relation to what the Renaissance times have to offer.

I have also heard voices suggesting that the optimal direction for the UO world could be to use the current solutions of Sosaria and implement some solutions adopted in Britannia on it, so that without losing the Endless Journey content, we could adopt some solutions of the world mechanics of T2A / UOR – beneficial for game community.

After reflection, I decided that it is worth giving this direction a chance, especially bearing in mind that this server has, in principle, full, up-to-date content of the game + a number of proprietary additions, and additionally works on the latest engine, enabling the implementation of possible future additions to the official version of the game. In addition, with this step we will be able to support subsequent versions of the game client, which is not guaranteed by the Britannia engine.

Considering the above-mentioned circumstances, Sosaria received the first patch package today, including the following modifications:

  • the character limit on a single account is set to 2 (with a limit of 2 accounts). Excess characters on your accounts should be deleted or transferred to your other free accounts (newly created or obtained as part of Supporter) by February 28, 2021. If you are interested in possibly transferring Supporter Status from Britania to Sosaria, please contact me on my Discord priv. The implemented change is aimed at limiting the full self-sufficiency of each player (a large number of possible characters de facto ensured the possibility of having all the key professions – which struck the cooperation in the game world);
  • the NPC merchants will no longer offer basic resources, which is to provide income to those who acquire them;
  • Survey Tool (House Placement Tool) settings have been modified. It will no longer be possible to set custom plots (those already placed will remain active), the rates for 32 types of new, large houses have been reduced 3x – compared to the previous price – and the prices of other standard houses have been made equal to the prices of the Britannia shard. I must admit that the change applied is aimed at improving the aesthetics of the game world;
  • the item insurance mechanism has been deactivated and the Siege Bless mechanism known from Britannia has been activated. This system worked on Britannia, increasing the exchange of stuff between players, but more importantly it seriously limited the possibility of passive afk in dungeons – on top sets – for profit. This change does not affect the blessed status of some rarer artifacts;
  • a rare chance to loot Bless Deed and Cloth Bless Deed has been added to the loot of some strong creatures (e.g. Champions). These acts make it possible to permanently protect a single piece of equipment against loss at the time of death;
  • newly created runebooks have lost their blessed status by default (the change does not apply to books already existing in the game world);
  • Runebook Bless Deed has been implemented, the act of blessing a runebook (a rare item looted by champions and other especially strong creatures);
  • Lower Reagent Cost at level 100 will now grant a 75% chance to save magic ingredients when casting a spell. This change restores the importance of magic ingredients in the game world while maintaining the benefits of having LRC (reducing the amount of magic ingredients consumed by 3/4 at the maximum level of this attribute);
  • the option to ban the player in the buildings menu has been deactivated (left unbanned options, the banned people list and the option to clear the ban list).

I am also publishing below the changes and fixes implemented on shard Britannia in recent days:

  • the ability to create Repair Contracts has been added. Repair Contracts is a deed service that allows characters without crafting skills to repair their equipment. The indicated contract must be purchased from the Craftsman Player and then used on the NPC corresponding to the given craft in the city to repair the indicated equipment;
  • the mechanics of the Reactive Armor spell have been fixed – in line with the T2A / UOR eras;
  • the mechanics of the Magic Reflect spell has been modified (improved reflection and scaling, and taking into account the character’s intelligence);
  • fixed inactive teleporters in the passage to the Lost Lands grounds from Marble Island (the first part of the dungeon from the Marble side);
  • added missing spawn points in passages to Lost Lands;
  • a casino was opened on the first floor of the Central Bank of Britain;
  • the methodology of the stamina spathes was modified in order to adjust it to the solutions used in the T2A / UOR supplements.

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