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Identification System and another update package from T2A and Renaissance Eras in Sosaria

Today, in the evening, after a long update break, the Ultima Online – WarCry Sosaria server has received another patch package, implementing elements of the Second Age and Renaissance Eras into the game world.

The first significant change is the implementation of the object identification mechanism, known from Britannia. From today, therefore, loot obtained during the game (weapons, armor, jewelry, clothing, wands, etc.), in the case of having magical properties, will have the status of “Unidentified” – that is, the tag of an unidentified item.

Identifying an item with such a tag will require either the use of the Item Identification ability or the use of the Identification Wands, which can be obtained in the game world.

Due to the fact that a number of items in the game have not yet been coded for the identification system, and in the case of class items – jewelry and clothing, even the serialization elements required for the system to work, in order to avoid any risks related to damage to the item record at the stage of mass identification (the current world has more than 700,000 items), we have decided that the items currently in the Player’s inventory (subject to identification mechanisms) will remain unidentified until such interaction is made by the Player. Spreading the identification process of such a large number of items – over time – will ensure smooth implementation of this System without potential losses of your equipment.

Another important change is taking the first steps to better balance loot items with the potential of equipment that can be produced by players – craftsmen from various types of resources and with the use of runic tools. This modification aims to make the crafting professions more attractive and to ensure greater interest in Player products, which were previously unattractive (and difficult to obtain in the course of production), compared to the possibilities offered by PvM loot.

In addition, following the example of Britannia, we have deactivated the access level setting mechanism for teleporter in players’ homes. From now on, every person who obtains the key to the door of another player’s building (e.g. as a result of theft) will be able to use the teleporters in this house.

The game world has also been supplemented with Witches. In loot from them, you will be able to get recipes for various magic drinks and food, providing temporary bonuses to statistics and skills.

In addition, Sosaria also featured NPC Juicemaker (offering juice making tools), Master Cook (offering another tool to produce more refined food providing temporary bonuses) and Gardener (offering tools and seeds of various plants and vegetables used in the production of enchanted drinks and food) .

Below are the main changes included in the update:

  • the Identification System known fromSecond Age and Renaissance Eras was implemented;
  • a package has been implemented on the server that balances the potentials of the amount of magic parameters and saturation of loot from creatures in relation to items created by players.
  • the option to grant access rights for home teleporters has been deactivated. Thus, teleporters are now available for use by any player character who – e.g. by stealing a key – will get into the building, and in the absence of such doors, for any person who enters the area of the house. Due to the above, we recommend such reconstruction of your houses (this applies mainly to custom houses) to cut off the sensitive spaces that you want to protect against unauthorized access with at least one security zone containing a locked door (or, for example, with fences with a locked gate). The option of changing the locks on the doors, enabling, among others, obtaining a new key is available in the settings of your buildings (Ownership tab).
  • added new opponents – Brew Witch and Young Witch in different parts of the game world – as a complement to Witchcrafting elements;
  • added Animated Seed – a creature that allows you to obtain seedlings of various types of plants, including some used in the Advanced Cooking and Witchcrafting system;
  • NPC Master Cook has been added to the taverns – offering an additional tool used in Advanced Cooking;
  • various additional NPCs have been added to the taverns – including escort missions offerts;
  • in the space of the cities of the Felucca continent, the Juicemaker NPC has been added, offering a tool and jars for the production and storage of juices;
  • in the space of the cities of the Felucca continent, the Gardener NPC has been added, offering tools, contracts and seedlings of plants, vegetables, etc. to grow and later use in the production of various types of food and drinks with temporary bonuses to statistics and player character abilities;

Another system planned – factions known from T2A and UOR 🙂

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