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Ranching, “I wish to duel” command, New Aquarium System, refreshing Rares Hunting and many more.

Along with the announcements that I made after the last may picnic, it is time to implement another, this time a very extensive update and change package – many of which you have been expecting for some time.

What’s more, however, the introduced package also includes very extensive changes in the core and a large number of server scripts – aimed at significantly modernizing the WarCry code – also in the context of optimizing game server resources.

I dare say that the package introduced today is one of the boldest modifications over the course of this year, and such a conclusion comes to mind after even a cursory glance at the patchnotes below.

As part of the update being implemented on the server, the mechanisms of the Ranching System were implemented as part of extending the functionality of the Advanced Cooking System. This means two new types of NPCs have appeared in the game world:
a) Stockman offering ranches elements.
b) Animal Trader – buying ranches animal and some other types of animals.

Stockman offers various elements of the ranch, from gates, through fence spans, fence posts, etc. Its offer is directed to people who want to build their own ranch, raise animals on it and then obtain various raw materials from them (e.g. milk, eggs, wool, etc.) for further production.

Animal Trader, in turn, buys animals bred at a ranch, although the price it offers depends on the variety of the animal (e.g. ranch cows have 8 varieties, each of which has different properties) and – what’s particularly interesting about their age! There are therefore more milk and meatier cows, while during breeding you will meet both pure and mixed blood animals. In addition, this NPC also buys some other animals that can be tamed by Animal Trainer, not from the ranch (which the previous NPC Animal Tamer did not do).

Regarding animals that can be raised on a ranch, there will be several species (each in several varieties) – farm cow, farm bull, farm chicken, farm goat, farm hen, farm pig, farm sheep. I was wondering for a long time how to introduce them to the game world, given the smaller and greater rarity of a given variety – finally recognizing that the most interesting solution will be their spawn in the vicinity of cities in small numbers and random (variable). Thus, people who plan to set up their own ranch will have to make a bit of effort to get a given variety of pure-bred animal (and reproductive age) to be able to direct their breeding to the desired track. Yes, yes, every animal on the farm will be born, mature and grow old!

More information on the entire Advanced Cooking system can be found here.

Another important change includes the modified encoding of the Rare Hunters System, which has been adapted to the current version of the game. To find out where to look for rare items, look for NPC – Rares Hunter near some of Sosaria’s cities and pay him for the information. Remember, however, that if any player takes part in the search for the item and finds it in front of you, its re-acquisition will be possible only after the next reset of the game server.

The third modification – is directed at PvP supporters. The “I wish to duel” command has been added to the server to activate a quick 1v1 duel. Since the tournament system components were used to create its mechanics, this command must be spoken near the Arena Keeper.

The fourth, very important modification is the implementation on the server of the New Aquarium System with new fish that can be caught in the game world to create in your own house / castle a fully magnificent aquarium worthy of your character. You can find more about the mechanics of this system on the OSI website – at this address.

Finally, the fifth issue, which is very extensive, includes profound changes to improve the functioning of the game server core and scripts, including changes in the methodology of generating loot from creatures. All loot items will now be generated only after killing creatures, this is to reduce various abuses and optimize the work of the server, which will no longer process hundreds of thousands of items carried by various creatures / characters throughout the game. Such items will become part of the required processes only on the line of interaction with the Player.

Below is also a list of all modifications in this package:

  • the Ranching package was implemented as part of Advanced Cooking together with new NPC Stockman and Animal Trainer as well as new animal species (for breeding on ranches – in different varieties). Details about the Advanced Cooking System can be found at this link;
  • the encoding of the Rare Item Hunter System has been modified and adapted to the current version of the game. For hints on where to look for rare items, look for NPCs – Rares Hunter in and around some of Sosaria’s cities. If any of the players competes in the search for a given item, its acquisition will be possible only after the next reset of the game server;
  • added command “i wish to duel” for a quick 1v1 duel, spoken near the Arena Keeper;
  • added in new Aqaurium system, with new catchable fish (more info – here).
  • Whirlwind Attack now does the correct amount of damage;
  • fixed an issue where players could get a weird client crash, and be unable to log back in right away, when fighting Beacons;
  • fixed an exploit with Runic Reforging;
  • fixed an issue where item stats from equipment sets were not adding their values correctly on Mannequins;
  • fixed an issue where you sometimes had to exit and re-enter a house to get all the items the load correctly;
  • Players can now correctly craft Charybdis bait;
  • all scale types can now correctly be turned in to community collection;
  • Thieve Consumables from the Monster Stealing System now all work correctly;
  • all loot pack items are now generated when the mobile is killed;
  • reworked monster stealing and begging;
  • addons now ignore roofs (since they ignore floors if their height is > 16), as per EA;
  • blessed items will now drop as loot;
  • consolidated methods for getting a random player from looting rights list;
  • Plunder Beacons and its spawn now give cargo, per EA;
  • pirate/merchant ships now give the proper amount of cargo during Rising Tides events;
  • Players can now sell commodities to brokers with no stock;
  • Mirror Image formula was fixed;
  • Slayer Longbows can now be imbued;
  • fixes Niporailem and adds missing mobiles;
  • Seed Box gump was fixed;
  • added square goza mats;
  • Corgul now drops Scrolls of Transcendence;
  • Corgul spawn now has a chance to drop SOT’s;
  • Dark Guardians now drop level 1 or 2 treasure maps;
  • fixed issue with Ultima Store search;
  • cloth bought from weavers now give the proper item ID;
  • stacked items now limited to 17, per EA (was 20);
  • Treasures of Khaldun and Treasures of Doom should now function correctly again;
  • various core and 700+ scripts re-structuring.

In addition, from today we recommend using the Classic UO overlay for the Beta version available at this link. You can find more information about its configuration here.
The updated version of the overlay makes the following changes from the current version:

  • the color selection in the character creation window has been fixed;
  • new chair textures added;
  • the problem with ground aiming was corrected;
  • the Last Object / Last Target macro has been repaired, now they work the same as in the standard client;
  • improved shading color support;
  • the reading of the hints in the windows was corrected;
  • the death pack communication for player characters has been fixed (on the game client line – overlay);
  • the cliloc reading was fixed;
  • corrected the range of data responsible for the correct display of other game windows with the overlay;
  • the display encoding of hidden items has been fixed;
  • packet spam during item exchange was eliminated;
  • Tabard’s robe was repaired. Now she did not cover the equipment under her;
  • removed the causes of the potential failure of the game client when the overlay was looking for death animation;
  • the coding for house cleaning has been fixed;
  • the gold cursor in the game client has been restored if the Player character is on a map other than Felucca;
  • window coding has been fixed. Now it works in the overlay the same as in the standard client;
  • implemented “Smooth boat movements” as an overlay option;
  • the names and order of displaying offer items at NPC suppliers have been corrected;
  • the methodology of anchoring between individual game gumps has been improved;
  • reading buff / debuff packages has been fixed;
  • fixed female version of the character window;
  • in-game body readings have been fixed;
  • fixed guild / ally chat on the server that sent messages as a system instead of guild / ally;
  • 99% of the experimental options moved in the corresponding menu;
  • Debug and Net Stats windows have been rewritten. Now you can enable them from the Top Bar menu. Both can be closed by right clicking. Window debugging now also supports zoom;
  • added support for the “Enable large containers” option;
  • hint menu activated [enable hint, hint hint, hint font, hint delay, hint enlargement, hint background hint];
  • rework the overlay options window;
  • improved world map generation;
  • fixed unusual colors in the world map;
  • fixed shades on linux / macos clients;
  • coding of corpse equipment in the overlay was fixed;
  • the light coding in the overlay has been fixed.

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