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Faction System already in Britannia

Today we have made the promised implementation of the fractional system known from Ultima Online Second Age and Renaissance Era, including the Ethics (Chaos/Order) side.

A link to a detailed description of the System implemented on the server can be found at the patch notes below. The implementation of the Factions is one of the next milestones aimed at implementing proven solutions from older Ers that have worked well on the deactivated T2A project.

Additionally, due to the fact that the entrances to the Dungeons of Doom and Bedlam were located in the strongholds of the Council of Mages and Shadowlords factions, these entrances have been moved (details below).

In addition, in order to eliminate the potential inconvenience associated with the need to identify items already in the possession of players’ characters (upon their possible return to the game), today we identified all equipment and amassed belongings currently owned by all characters in Britannia. This action will not affect the new magic items loot from tomorrow – which will still be generated as unidentified.

Additionally, we corrected the revealed error in the mechanics of the Heritage quest (Human to Elf).

We invite you to compete!

Patch notes:

  • the Fraction System was implemented on the server and the existing System Vice vs Virtue was deactivated due to its implementation. A detailed description of the Faction System can be found on our website – at this link;
  • the Ethics mechanism (Chaos / Order) has been implemented on the server – as a supplement to the Faction System (according to the PvP server mechanism). This means that two factions – True Britannians and Council of Mages – are followers of the Ethics of Order by default, and the other two – Minax and Shadowlords – are followers of the Ethics of Chaos;
  • activated faction cities within the Felucca continent;
  • due to the activation of the Council of Mages faction headquarters in the temple south of Moonglow, the entrance to the Dungeon Doom has been moved to the Moonglow Cemetery. This location, due to the proximity of Moongate, should become a frequent place of factional battles 🙂
  • due to the activation of the headquarters of the Shadowlords faction in the crypts east of the city of Yew, the entrance to the Bedlam Dungeon has been moved to the Undead City north of the city of Delucca;
  • the western part of the Yew Cripts has been cleared of creature spawn points due to the faction’s headquarters there. The eastern, lower part of the crypts will still be inhabited by undeads, which will provide the younger members of this Faction with an excellent training location.
  • all items of the players’ inventory currently in their possession have been globally identified (does not apply to magic items obtained after the implementation of global identification);
  • the Heritage quest for the Human to Elf race change has been corrected – the quest will now correctly identify the Bravehorn’s Drinking Pool region as the destination point – after changing the region’s location to Felucca.

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November 5, 2022
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